Visiting in Geneva

As most of you probably know at this point, I will be visiting at the eidos Centre in Metaphysics of the University of Geneva, led by Kevin Mulligan and Fabrice Correia, for the rest of the year, or until 18th December to be precise. I arrived to Geneva a couple of days ago and I’m settling in at my place, a nice shared house, although a bit far from the centre.

I attended my first eidos seminar (not to be confused with the Durham postgraduate seminar of the same name), Problèmes de métaphysique, yesterday and I will be giving two talks at the seminar myself in December, on the 10th and 17th. My topic will be ‘Varieties of Modality’, but more about that when I’m preparing my presentations. As I understand, the seminar is supposed to be accessible to Masters students, but at least Fabrice Correia’s talk yesterday was rather technical and I suspect that most Masters students would struggle with the material. However, it happened to be on modality, or more specifically on Bob Hale’s ‘Absolute Necessity’, which is understandably of interest to me (although I last read Hale’s paper when I was an undergraduate).

In fact, there will be a workshop on Modality here on 17th November; Bob Hale will be there, and there will be talks by Fabrice Correia, John Divers and Tom Baldwin in addition. The following day there will be another workshop on The Experience of Time. Apart from these events, there will be a workshop on Intentionality in December, and one on The Epistemology of Perception already next week. These are all on top of the regular events and seminars, so looks like I will be keeping fairly busy during my time here!

I hope to fit in a bit of hiking if at all possible, I did drag my hiking gear all the way here after all. Sadly I don’t have winter gear though, so will have to remain at a lower altitude.

My only complaint is that I didn’t continue studying French! Although most people here speak English, it would be nice to be able to engage at least in casual conversations in French as well. Also, my taxi driver didn’t speak a word of English, not to mention that he was completely ignorant of the streets in Geneva and how to use GPS… Oh, actually I do have another complaint: certain restaurants in this city are outrageously expensive. A simple Ardbeg 10yo single malt cost 18 Swiss Francs, i.e. about 12 euros or 10 pounds at a bar in Carouge. But if one steers clear of these places, staying in Geneva shouldn’t break the budget.

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