Race Report: Hirvihölkkä (‘Deer Jog’)

Race Date: 31.10.2010
Official Finishing Time: 59:30
Official Position: 10/20 (Men’s competitive 15k category)
Race number: 160

Last Sunday I ran a small, but friendly race in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. There were actually two races on at the same time, a 10k ‘jog’ series and a 15k competitive series. Since the route isn’t certified and it’s actually a rather tough, hilly route (Garmin reports the total height gain as 123m), I thought that I might as well run the 15k race. I find it quite an interesting distance and would also like to try a 10 mile race at some point. All in all there were maybe a hundred people participating.

The 10k route consists of two laps on nice sandy paths through the woods in Herttoniemi and the 15k route adds one more lap. I kept quite a steady pace throughout the race, although the hills were tough on the last lap. For the first 8k or so I was following another guy doing the 15k route, but I overtook him after that and I was pretty much completely on my own on the last lap, except for lapping some people doing the 10k!

Rather disappointingly, the route is actually well short of 15k, my Garmin reported 14.44k. I knew this beforehand though. Well, the good thing about that was that I managed to get below 1h, which would be really tough for 15k. Then again, I did better than I expected and I think that on a flat course I might actually manage a sub 1h 15k. That means that a sub 40min 10k should be a piece of cake, but I’ll see when I get a chance to have a go at it.

There is in fact a series of 10k races near Helsinki, called the Aktia CUP. The first race is just in a week, but by the looks of it I won’t be able to run that. I might do the next one though, which is in December. Before that, I will surely participate in a small, informal 2.53k road race (with a couple of hills) called Tour de Ulvilantie. I’ve done it once before in 9:14, but I should be able to get below 9min…

Official results here.
Garmin data here.

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